Top 5 Fantasy Football Lessons Learned In 2024

6 March 2024 • by Neal Maligno

Winning in fantasy football is hard, but we have just the info you need to win big in the 2024 season! There are so many tips and tricks that we will get to before the season returns, but today we are talking about the top 5 things we learned in the 2023 season!

Every NFL and fantasy football season is different. Sure some things remain constant, but for the most part, many things change from season to season. Let’s discuss and break down 5 things we learned in 2023 fantasy football. Some of these are about specific players, others will be a whole position or league specific lesson we learned.

Alright, let’s get started!

Kyler Murray Is A Top 10 QB

Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray is still a top 10 QB in fantasy football, even when the odds are stacked against him. Kyler returned from a torn ACL this season in week 10 and was playing on a not-so-great football team. With only 8 games to prove himself, Kyler finished with almost 1800 passing yards, 10 touchdown passes, 244 rushing yards and another 3 rushing touchdowns.

Murray will be a good value pick in redraft and he’s a sneaky QB to target in trades in dynasty. As long as he can stay healthy and the Cardinals can make strides in improving their team, Murray is in for a strong bounce back season in 2024.

Austin Ekeler’s Fall Off Is Real

Austin Ekeler is finished in fantasy as an elite RB, as he went from the #1 RB in 2022 to #26 RB in 2023. Now before you attack me, I’m a huge Ekeler fan and sure you can look to point the blame in places besides Ekeler, Herbert getting injured, offensive line issues, etc. In reality all of those things played a part, but they aren’t good enough of a reason for us to ignore Ekeler’s fall-off in 2023.

He’ll be 29 years old to start the 2024 season, he dealt with some injuries and just appears to have lost a step. Now Ekeler will likely find himself on a new team next season, but the chance that he finds himself as the sole owner of the lead back role and finishing in the top 10 at RB again is low.

Rookies Crushed In Fantasy

Rookies absolutely crushed in fantasy this season, from QB CJ Stroud, RBs Bijan Robinson and Jahmyr Gibbs, WRs Puka, Addison and Rice and even TEs Sam LaPorta and Dalton Kincaid! Those weren’t it though, we have to add in Tank Dell, Jayden Reed, Zay Flowers, De’Von Achane and others.

The point is, rookies were major fantasy impact players in 2023 and the 2024 rookie class has a great opportunity to smash as well. Gone are the days of doubting rookies and having to see them prove themselves first. Get them on your teams and celebrate as they become league winners for you at the end of season.

Tight Ends Are Back

Tight ends are more exciting than ever. Not only did the staples of the position continue to crush, ala Travis Kelce, George Kittle, TJ Hockenson, but we had also had a rush of new talent emerge. Rookie tight ends Dalton Kincaid and Sam Laporta were both the #11 and #1 finisher in PPR scoring.

Guys like Evan Engram and David Njoku got even better and a bunch of others are on the rise and should only continue to improve. We even have TE duos that will matter next season like watching the Ravens figure out how to use a healthy Mark Andrews and Isiah Likely together. This is your reminder that tight ends matter in fantasy, not every tight end deserves to be pushed to the back end of your fantasy drafts!

Plea To League Commissioners

Number 5 on the list is more of a plea to league commissioners out there who are still running standard scoring, plain jane roster setup type leagues. We did weekly live streams helping the Rival Fantasy community last season with their lineups and so many of you are still playing in standard leagues. It’s 2024! We cannot continue to trot out leagues that lack any creativity or flexibility when it comes to the league scoring or the league position setup.

Maybe you hate change, I get it, baby steps, go half PPR first, maybe get CRAZY and add a super flex or make it a two tight end league. But please, whatever you do, jump out of 2010, change the league style up, make things interesting, modern and fun. If you are in a league where the commissioner refuses to make things more exciting, it’s time for you to take a stand, leave that boring league and start your own on Rival Fantasy!

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