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How to Play 


Challenges puts two players in a head-to-head fantasy matchup. The player that scores the most fantasy points wins the contest. Select your player from hundreds of challenges and test your skill against other Rival users to win cash prizes! 

1) View player matchup 

2) Select who will score more fantasy points 

3) Choose bet amount 

4) Confirm bet 

Fantasy Bingo 

A new spin on a classic game. Instead of matching numbers, Fantasy Bingo gives you achievements. Build a roster of players to unlock these achievements and win by getting five in a row or a corner of four. 

1) Buy a bingo card 

2) Review achievements 

3) Add a roster 

4) Finalize roster 

A bingo card costs $1 and is played on a 5×5 grid with 25 random achievements, such as 3 Total TDs, >50 Rushing Yards, and many more. If no one wins, the jackpot rolls over to the next day. 


Select if fantasy player will exceed or miss their projected points and win. Simple over/under contest based on projected fantasy scores. Select 2-5 players and decide if each player will score over or under their projected fantasy total. Get all the picks correct to win the contest. The more picks you get right, the bigger the cash prize. 

1) Select 2-5 players 

2) Review selection 

3) Choose over or under 

4) Enter bet amount and confirm entry 

You can create entries composed of players from the same or different sports and wager between $1 to $10.