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If you live for Fantasy Draft season, Best Ball is the way to play.

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“The draft is the best part of the fantasy season.”

-You, probably

What Is Best Ball?

All of the Competition, None of the Management

With Best Ball on Rival Fantasy, you get all the excitement of your fantasy drafts without any need to manage your lineups. Draft your team, sit back, and watch the points roll in.

Draft your team, and our system will set your best lineup at the end of each week, slate, and season. If you’re one of the high scorers, you’ll win and take home some cash.

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Best Ball Formats

Now, there’s more ways to craft a team every season.

Full-Season Best Ball

Every new season means another chance to build the ultimate squad. Draft for an entire season

No need to manage your team every week. Whether the season is 18 games or 162, Best Ball let’s you draft, and the system sets your highest-scoring lineup each week.

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Daily & Weekly Drafts

DFS lineups + Live Drafts = Real Daily Fantasy

Weekly Drafts: Draft a team for every new week of a fantasy season. The spiritual successor to fantasy leagues with weekly lineup locks.

Daily Drafts: A Daily Fantasy & season-long draft hybrid. Draft your team and compete in single-day or single-slate contests.

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Other Best Ball Games

Partial-Season Best Ball: Draft for a half-season, post-All Star breaks, and more.

Playoff Best Ball: Raise the trophy with your on-field counterparts.

2nd Chance Best Ball: Bounce back from major injuries and roster changes early in the season. And more on the way!

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Why Play Best Ball on Rival Fantasy?

Imagine having your season-long fantasy, best ball, DFS, and mock drafts on one app, instead of needing a different app or website for each. On Rival Fantasy, everything you need is in one place. Welcome to the Future of Fantasy Sports

Smaller Contest Lobbies

Lobbies fill faster so you can draft more.

Consistent Rake Across Contests

Rival Fantasy’s rake is 10% across our platform, no matter the game or entry fee.

Practice Where You Play

Best Ball, season-long, and mock drafts are all here. Use the ADP you’re accustomed to in your home leagues and competitive drafts.

How To Play

How to play

How To Play


Choose a Best Ball league from the lobby.


Once a League is filled, the draft will start 5 minutes later, and you’ll be notified.


Draft your lineup from the available pool of the players.


Each week, the top-scoring players will automatically contribute to your overall weekly scoring.


Have the highest scoring team to win!

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Tune in

Listen to our weekly podcast for updates on players, the platform and much more. You could also follow us.

Best Ball and other fantasy sports news

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