Call Your Shot: Can you Predict Who Will Prevail?

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“The Ultimate Test of Your Fantasy Knowledge!”

– anyone who plays Challenges

What is Challenges?

Head-to-Head Fantasy Player Matchups

A perfect blend of player props and fantasy sports, Challenges let’s users select which players they think will score more fantasy points in a given day’s games.

Whether you want to select one-vs-one, two-vs-two, or a more lopsided matchup, Challenges let’s you take or create endless combinations. 

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Challenges Modes

There’s no limit on the Challenges you can play. 

1 vs 1

The Classic version of Challenges. Choose which of two players you think will score more fantasy points in a given slate. Whether they play the same position or not, this is where you get to Pick a Side. 

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2 vs 2

Whether you’re picking a QB-WR stack, the 3 and 4 hitters in a potent lineup, or the give-and-go duo ripping up the hardwood, Duos Challenges are perfect for settling the score. Pick two players to match up against another duo, and call your shot. 

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Custom Challenges

Team vs team, skill players vs skill players, bench pieces vs starters. Custom Challenges is where your combos can get wild. YGet creative with your combos and put your money where your picks are.

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Why Play Challenges on Rival Fantasy?

Imagine having your season-long fantasy, best ball, DFS, and mock drafts on one app, instead of needing a different app or website for each. You can put your fantasy research to good use across multiple fantasy-point based games. On Rival Fantasy, everything you need is in one place. Welcome to the Future of Fantasy Sports

A Perfect Blend

You’re the mastermind behind your fantasy team. Predicting breakout performances and those sleeper picks finally have their time to shine. 

Create Your Challenges

Prove you know your stuff and throw the gauntlet down to the masses with your homemade Challenge.

Play Against Other Rivals

Challenges are open competitions with full transparency: who plays, how much they wager, and which side they choose.

How To Play

How to play

How To Play


Explore the available options via the lobby or search for a specific player’s matchup


Don’t see the Challenge you crave? Make your own with the “create” button!


Pick Your Side on any Challenge and decide your entry amount


Submit your pick and share it with your friends and other Rival Fantasy users


Tune in during the games and see who takes home the win!

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Tune in

Listen to our weekly podcast for updates on players, the platform and much more. You could also follow us.

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