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Sizzle or Fizzle – NFL Week 7

19 October 2023 • by Bryan Oldham

sizzle or fizzle

Welcome to Sizzle or Fizzle! Every week, we’ll look at some fantasy trends and NFL storylines to discuss if they’ll continue (sizzle) or taper off and change direction (fizzle). 

Keep in mind, we aren’t going to inundate you with stats, nor are we going to do deep dives into these topics. We’re keeping things bite-sized on purpose, so you can get the quick hits and make decisions accordingly. Let’s dive in ahead of Week 6.

Fizzle: The Disappearance of Davante Adams

Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Davante Adams said in a presser earlier this week that he’s focused on being a great player and contributing to a winning culture. Some of the soundbites were taken out of context, though Adams is clearly frustrated he isn’t being force-fed the ball. The emergence of Jakobi Meyers and ascension of Michael Mayer could mean a more traditional split of work, something Davante hasn’t seen since he and Jordy Nelson shared the field. 

Davante will continue to be Davante, and he will win you weeks on his own. He won’t completely disappear, but we may have to get used to a WR2 Davante for the rest of this season.

Fizzle: Derrick Henry Will Get Traded

In a vaccum, Derrick Henry should be moved before the October 31st trade deadline. However, Titans ownership knows that fans in Tennessee come to see this mountain of a man barrel through defenders every week, and not much else. 

From a real life perspective, the Titans know Henry on their team gives them the best opportunity to win every week, and Mike Vrabel and company are always a threat for a late-season run. Henry = ticket sales, but if Tannehill is on the shelf, the Titans may see this as an opportunity to give Malik Willis and Tyjae Spears proper auditions and get a haul for Henry, who is on the back end of his career. However, Henry is better for the young QB, so it would be a surprise (albeit a small one) if he were moved before the deadline. 

Fizzle: Curtis Samuel > Jahan Dotson

Take this with a grain of salt, as many of us are willing the Jahan Dotson 2nd year breakout into existence. There’s no denying how good Samuel has been in real life, and a solid fantasy contributor as well. Jahan Dotson, on the other hand, has quickly fallen down a slippery slope. It could be that he’s being covered more than Samuel, but even Ron Rivera has talked up Dotson, saying it’s only a matter of time before he’s contributing (then followed that up with saying they’ll continue to distribute the ball). 

Stay the course here, but do so with Dotson on the bench – you’re not going to find someone more talented than him on the wire.

Sizzle: Mile High Woes

Sheesh, the Broncos really have taken a nosedive. With nearly $250 million tied up in Russell Wilson’s contract alone, plus how much they paid to acquire Sean Payton’s coaching rights, the Mile High Mounts are in a bad way. 

From a fantasy perspective, the only constant has somehow been Courtland Sutton. Thankfully, Russ doesn’t have to be a great QB for Sutton to have his solid days, but otherwise we are looking at a hodgepodge of uncertainty. Will Javonte Williams continue to lose work to Jaleel McLaughlan? Is Jerry Jeudy going to step up? The trends are not positive, and given the 1-5 record, there could be a fire sale in Denver ahead of the deadline.

Any other trends you think are bound to sizzle or fizzle? Tag us on social media or comment on our Youtube videos and let us know!

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