Sizzle or Fizzle – NFL Week 11

16 November 2023 • by Bryan Oldham

sizzle or fizzle

Welcome to Sizzle or Fizzle! Every week, we’ll look at some fantasy trends and NFL storylines to discuss if they’ll continue (sizzle) or taper off and change direction (fizzle). 

Keep in mind, we aren’t going to inundate you with stats, nor are we going to do deep dives into these topics. We’re keeping things bite-sized on purpose, so you can get the quick hits and make decisions accordingly. Let’s dive in ahead of Week 11.

Fizzle: The Bills’ OC Change Will Improve the Offense

I’m not trying to be a doomsday-er here, but something is off in Buffalo. Is Josh Allen throwing the football too hard? Can Gabe Davis only perform every other week? And why the heck is James Cook not getting 15+ touches every game?

These are just a few questions I have about the Bills offense. Certainly one of the pre-season Super Bowl favorites, they now sit at a .500 record, keeping the Dolphins atop the AFC East and scraping for a playoff spot. While the offense hadn’t inspired confidence, I don’t know if a personnel change is enough to right the ship. 

Allen will likely keep forcing throws to Stefon Diggs and committing turnovers, and the backfield committee is about to grow once Leonard Fournette gets going. That, combined with a spotty defense, raises many concerns about the Bills winning games and stacking fantasy points. 

Sizzle: The Browns Will Be Fine Without Deshaun Watson

Dorian Thompson-Robinson is now the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. While the team sits at a 6-3 record going into Week 11, they are empirically a much better team when Watson plays (even though he’s been mediocre at best). 

That said, we can’t sleep on the Browns’ stalwart defense and what they’ve done to keep this team in games. DTR is athletic and can make things happen in and out of the pocket. Without Nick Chubb, a guy who can run will make guarding the ground game more challenging for defenses, and Thompson-Robinson has that ability. Plus, the offensive weapons around him are good enough to elevate his play. A veteran like Amari Cooper isn’t going to make a QB worse. 

The Browns could surprise people, both as an NFL dark horse, and a reliable source of fantasy production down the stretch.

Sizzle: The Giants Will Have the 1st Overall Pick

Last week, we fizzled the idea the Cardinals will have the first overall pick in 2024. Here’s the foil: The Giants will hit rock bottom and restart next year. 

You could replace the Giants with the Pats here, but I think they’re both in the running for the 1st pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. The Giants will be without Daniel Jones through at least part of next season (I’d imagine a 2022-23 Kyler Murray-esq timeline), and the Patriots seemingly have nothing going for them on offense. Either team could benefit massively from Caleb Williams (who I assume will still be the 1st overall pick) or another playcaller, but the Giants, with Tommy DeVito at the helm, have a clear path to it. 

The Giants swung and missed on Daniel Jones. Last year was a great Cinderella story, but it was a flash in the pan. The clock has chimed midnight and the pumpkin has appeared. Now’s the time for the Giants to tear down, let Saquon Barkley walk after the season, and start the rebuild.

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