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Rival Group, Inc. (the “Company”) complies with the American Gaming Association’s (“AGA”) Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming (the “Code”) as well as regulations issued by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Our pledge to our employees, our customers, and the community is to make responsible gaming an integral part of our daily operations. The AGA’s Code addresses employee assistance and training, fantasy games in person and online, advertising and marketing of daily fantasy contests, and the participation of minors in such contests.


Responsible Gaming Communications

Participation of Underage Minors in Rival’s daily fantasy contests

Getting Help

Anyone can develop a problem with their gaming behavior and it is not always easy to recognize when one has a problem. There are a lot of resources online to assist you, and for example Pennsylvania Gambling Control Board have a useful resource on the Signs, Rules and Myths of Problem Gambling –

If you do have concerns about your gaming behavior (or of someone else) and feel that it may be a problem for you then we strongly recommend that you seek help from friends and family, and professional assistance from your medical doctor. We also recommend that you contact the National Council on Problem Gambling who have a huge amount of resources to help, including a 24 hour confidential National Helpline telephone number – their website is

You may also find it helpful to use online tools that will restrict your ability to access gaming websites and products – we recommend a free tool called BetBlocker –