App Updates and Version Release Notes

September 15, 2023

Bug Fixed: player dropped in waiver transaction no longer shows in starting lineup
Updates to Reverse Standing waiver function
Updates to waiver functionality
Added function: commissioner can manually change matchups
Names for D/STs updated to only team mascot name
Off-roster label added for dropped players
Cosmetic: Player names no longer broken into separate lines

September 11, 2023

Discrepancies in waivers and add/drops are fixed
Locked players cannot be removed from starting lineup
Draft Room: Autopick glitch is fixed
Lock icon added for locked players
Playoff matchups cannot end in a tie
Players showing as undefined values in lineups – remedied
Player count by position at top of the matchup – remedied
Locked players displayed as able to be moved into the starting lineup – fixed
Players whose games have begun will no longer have the ability to be dropped, if league settings reflect preventing players from being dropped after their game starts.
Team Logo inversion is fixed
League member emails now visible in league member tab in settings

September 6, 2023

Transaction page is showing all league transactions
Starting lineup arrows are now active for position changes
New warning message pops up to alert unsaved changes to settings
Timezones updated to reflect proper naming conventions
Bye weeks added to player display
Indicators for pending Trades and Waiver moves added to tab names as superscripts