Rival Fantasy’s Season Long League Giveaway

What is it? 

Rival Fantasy is so confident users will love our platform, we’ll pay you to move your league to our platform for the 2023 season! Be sure to fill out this form so you can be the first to know when season long leagues are live!

How it Works

1) Players can go to play.rivalfantasy.com/leagues to sign up and create a new league
2) Setup your league and invite other players
3) Fill Your league and draft by September 6th, 2023 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (U.S. West Coast) to be considered
4) Commissioners of leagues that win a prize will receive an email from Rival Fantasy with their league’s prize total
5) League prizes will be deposited directly into your League Lockbox at the end of the season
6) Leagues will be monitored to ensure no cheating or foul play throughout the season


Leagues must be created, filled with unique users, and have completed their draft by the end of the day on September 6th, 2023 to be considered for the prizes.
Leagues must be 10+ teams to be considered
Leagues must be active for the entire season with typical activity one would expect in a season-long league for the funds to be released at the end of the regular season. If Rival Fantasy notices any unusual behavior with leagues that are selected for the prize, the league owner will be notified and Rival Fantasy reserves the right to withdraw the prize for suspicious activity.
Each league must consist of entirely unique users.
Winning leagues will have their prizes deposited into their League Lockbox by the end of the NFL season, with commissioners responsible for dispersing winnings.
The prizes will not be accessible until after the regular season has concluded and standings are finalized.



Rival Fantasy users who create a new league and draft before the cutoff date will be entered into a pool. From that pool, users will be selected and notified by the end of Week 1 of the NFL season how much their league has received. Rival Fantasy will host a live stream on our social media where we will select recipients for the $1000 league prizes, so be on the lookout!

Be sure to sign up here and be notified as soon as our season-long league product launches!