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How to Play 


Challenges puts two players in a head-to-head fantasy matchup. The player that scores the most fantasy points wins the contest. Select your player from hundreds of challenges and test your skill against other Rival users to win cash prizes! 
1) View player matchup 
2) Select who will score more fantasy points 
3) Choose bet amount 
4) Confirm bet 

Fantasy Bingo

A new spin on a classic game. Instead of matching numbers, Fantasy Bingo gives you achievements. Build a roster of players to unlock these achievements and win by getting five in a row or a corner of four. 
1) Click “Buy Cards” Button to Begin
2) Build a Roster 
3) Finalize Roster and Submit
4) Buy Bingo Cards (1-100 at a time)
5) Review Achievements 
A bingo card costs $1 and is played on a 5×5 grid with 25 random achievements, such as 3 Total TDs, >50 Rushing Yards, and many more. If no one wins, the jackpot rolls over to the next day. 


The OG fantasy game is officially on Rival Fantasy. Create a league, draft your season-long team, and compete for the Championship.

Rival Fantasy has Redraft and Keeper leagues for 2023, with more scoring options, league formats, and exciting features coming later in 2023 and beyond (league fee management, anyone?)

The scoring system can be found on our Rules & Scoring page

In-League Betting

Turn on In-League Betting in your League Settings (your commissioner will have to do this).

In-league betting allows season-long leagues to bet on every matchup in a given week. If you’re confident the 1-5 team will beat the undefeated, 6-0, reigning champion, now you can put some money on that. Anyone in your league can bet on any matchup, including the managers in their respective matchups.

This feature can be turned on for any league, though users will have to be in an approved state in order to place money wagers on fantasy matchups.

Players can bet $1-$100 on any matchup each week of the fantasy regular season. If no one else bets on the other side of the matchup, the bet will be canceled and your money refunded.

You can only bet on one team per matchup (no hedging!) but you can bet on every h2h game each week, or none at all.

Once this feature is turned on in the league settings, you will see a green “Bet” button under each team’s name within their given matchup. Click into the matchup, pick your side, and place a bet on the team you think will come out on top. Finally, if your opponents win, you win!

Best Ball

All draft, no management! Best Ball let’s you focus on picking the players you think are the best fantasy option, then set it and forget it.

Full-Season: Each week, Rival Fantasy’s system will set your top-scoring lineup, which will count toward your full-season score. If you’re a top 1-3 finish in your league, you win the prize! Think of it as playing against everyone in the league for the highest point total, rather than a weekly head-to-head matchup.

We’ve also included Daily and Weekly Best Ball, so you can draft every day of the sports calendar for MLB, NBA, and NFL. Weekly drafts are perfect for those who like a longer commitment and some more planning, while Daily let’s you draft new teams for every new day of games.

Enter the lobby, choose your preferred sport and league size, and get ready to draft!