What Exactly Is Fantasy Bingo?

15 October 2022 • by Rival

What Is Fantasy Bingo ? 

On the surface, fantasy sports and bingo don’t have a lot in common. One is one of the world’s oldest games of luck, dating back to the 1500s. The other began in the 1960s and didn’t take off until the age of the internet. While having their differences, the two popular games have one thing in common — they can both provide quite the rush after a big play, whether it’s a touchdown or bingo!

Rival Fantasy is pioneering the fantasy bingo landscape, which combines the best aspects of fantasy sports with traditional bingo and allows players to compete for cash prizes. Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy pro or just getting your toes wet, fantasy bingo offers a fun and competitive fantasy format that is welcoming to players of all levels. 

What Exactly Is Fantasy Bingo? 

Fantasy bingo takes the traditional bingo card and replaces all of the number squares with fantasy achievements. One square may require a tight end to reach five receptions, another might need a receiver to reach 100 yards or a running back to score a pair of touchdowns in fantasy football. The goal is to study your card and assemble a fantasy team that gives you the best chance to create a bingo on your card. The better your roster plays, the better chance you’ll have of winning. 

How To Play Bingo Online: Fantasy Bingo Edition

The great thing about bingo is its accessibility. Grab a card, stamp the numbers as they appear and win when various patterns are reached. Online bingo took the game people loved out of the bingo halls and made playing as simple as logging on to your favorite websites. Fantasy bingo takes things to the next level by taking that same model and replacing luck with your fantasy skill.

Select your fantasy bingo card, then start drafting the perfect team to accomplish the achievements on the grid. Fantasy bingo follows traditional fantasy roster formats and includes a quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, a tight end, a kicker and a flex position.

What Makes a Good Team? 

Successful fantasy sports managers know that attention to detail is key in bringing home a W. Knowing key matchups, injuries and trends are imperative to winning week after week. And, like bingo, a bit of luck goes a long way. With fantasy bingo, good players will analyze their bingo card(s) to create a plan for attack when assembling their rosters. We always suggest checking weekly fantasy rankings before assembling your roster and using the flex position to focus on specific spaces on your card. 

Who Should Play Fantasy Bingo? 

Everyone! Fantasy bingo is at its best when you’re playing with friends. And while season-long fantasy leagues can be intimidating for first-time players, fantasy bingo replaces the pressure of managing a weekly roster and trades it in for the addictive bingo format we love. Checking off the squares on your card as players accomplish achievements is an exciting and fun new way to enjoy the two games that we’ve grown to love for years. 

The next time you’re watching sports, grab a card, fill out your roster and celebrate your touchdowns — and bingos — with Rival Fantasy Fantasy Bingo

Tyson Alger is a sports writer living in Portland, Oregon. He has previously written for The Athletic, The Oregonian and The I-5 Corridor. 


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