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Top 5 Reasons to Play MLB Best Ball

12 March 2024 • by Bryan Oldham

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The MLB season is right around the corner, and we can’t wait for another year of stolen bases and moonshots. Maybe we’ll get another juiced ball year, or maybe we finally see pitchers stay healthy and strikeouts tick back up. 

As much fun as baseball is, the fantasy baseball season can be a completely different beast for the uninitiated. Even some seasoned veterans will feel the weight of the daily lineup setting and wavier claims as the calendar creeps into June and July. 

So, why not get rid of the unnecessary stress of a traditional fantasy baseball season with Best Ball? This year, Rival Fantasy is focusing on MLB Best Ball for those players who have never played fantasy baseball, or are looking for a reason to get back into the game. 

Here are our top 5 reasons to play MLB Best Ball this year on Rival Fantasy

The Draft is Your Favorite Part of the Season

A new fantasy year brings with it optimism and the promise of a fresh start. That usually begins with draft prep and, subsequently, drafting your squad. Whether it’s fantasy baseball, fantasy football, fantasy basketball, or another sport, there’s a special electricity around draft season. 

If the fantasy draft is the highlight of your season, then Best Ball is the ideal game style. You’ll get the rush of a new team with every slate, every new week, and every new fantasy season.

Make Mocks Meaningful

If you’re serious about your fantasy baseball prep, then you’re likely doing mock drafts. We love mock drafts, and we’re very proud of our industry-leading mock draft lobby for MLB (as well as NBA and NFL).

Sometimes, though, it’s nice to have a little skin in the game while you’re drafting. The beauty of Best Ball is you’re still practicing your draft strategy, with the addition of live competition and an even more meaningful outcome. If you’re trying to make your mocks more meaningful, Best Ball is the perfect vehicle to do so.

Slow Drafts Before Opening Day

Maybe you can’t dedicate an hour to a traditional draft. If you’re even more a glutton for punishment and submit to an MLB auction draft, you know an entire evening can evaporate while Joe Shmo nominates players outside the top 150 every time he puts a player up for bidding. 

Good news! Best Ball slow drafts give you an 8 hour timer per pick. Yes, you’ll get some folks who take the full 8 hours and maybe still end up autopicking, but it gives you plenty of time to see how the draft has fallen, research, and make your pick without feeling under the gun.

Note: We are stopping slow drafts on Saturday, March 16th to make sure there’s enough time to complete the drafts. Get into one now!

Injuries Aren’t as Scary

Guys are going to hit the IL. Some pitchers will be lost for the year, and some position players will inevitably have a nagging injury. The beauty with Best Ball, though, is that you have absolutely no control over your lineup if and when those injuries occur. You draft 20 players so you, in theory, have a bench of guys who can step in without needing to scour the waiver wire for a replacement. 

It’s liberating, and sometimes frustrating, to not be able to set a lineup. But that’s the beauty of Best Ball; we’re all on an even playing field. No need to rush to waivers to beat another league mate or burn your number 1 waiver priority on a speculative add.

No Midsummer Slump 

Even for someone like me who loves baseball and can’t wait for every new season, fantasy baseball is a completely different beast. The daily management alone is enough to break even the most hardcore player of other fantasy sports. Then adding in the need to keep up with injuries, depth charts, and prospects can be daunting and take away from the fun.

With Best Ball, you can check on your standing each week, but otherwise your teams require no management or attention. Draft and win!

We’re pumped for Daily and Weekly MLB Best Ball to launch on Opening Day. In the meantime, be sure to join our full-season MLB drafts before March 28th and get in on the Best Ball action!

Go to to get your $200 deposit match and $25 in free plays. See you in the Arena.

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